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Flanged Tee Branch 14ga

Flanged Tee Branch 14ga

Nordfab Flanged T-branch duct fittings in 14 Gauge have leak-free, solid welded seams. Elimination of air leakage makes a dust collection system more efficient, providing savings on energy costs.

When ordering tees, specify A, C. All branches priced by large end.

The two “A” ends must be the same dimension, however “C” must be equal to or smaller than the “A” dimension.

Use the following formula to determine length: L = C + 8".

• Available in Galvanized (as shown below)
• Available with QF ends in diameters up to 24", and other various end types
• Optional gauges 22, 20, 18, 16, 12 and 10

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